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Ancient Egyptian Creation Myth

The Ancient Egyptian Creation Story

Ancient Egyptian creation myth started before the universe came to existence, there was nothing but endless darkness, pointless water, and utter chaos. Within the darkness, there was the primordial hill a.k.a the ben-ben on which Atum-Ra resides. Atum stood in complete loneliness and through the usage of magic “Heka” he was able to breathe the life into two children Shu “God of Air” and Tefnut “Goddess of moisture” and both of them began quickly to set the universe based on the principles of life & order. Atum sent his eye to look for his children when Shu and Tefnut returned with the eye, it became known as the all-seeing eye, the eye of Ra or the Udjat eye. Their father was very happy with their return that he shed tears of absolute joy on the dark fertile earth of the Ben-Ben and gave birth to men and women, you can read more about the ancient Egyptian gods & goddesses.

Right after the creation of humanity, Shu and Tefnut gave birth to Geb “god of the earth” and Nut “Goddess of the sky“. Geb and Nut fell madly in love despite being brother and sister. Atum was angered by their behavior so he ordered both of them to be separated until the end of time. But Nut was already pregnant with Geb children which angered Atum even more so ordered that Nut will not give birth in any month of any year. That’s why “Thoth” the god of knowledge and wisdom gambled with the moon and was able to win 5 full days of moonlight and increase the number of days from 360 to 365 days which enabled Nut to give birth to Osiris, Isis, Set, Horus the elder and Nephthys.

Osiris was chosen to rule the world for his honorable and thoughtful character, at the end of creation Ra will wipe out the world and return to the primeval hill and annihilate the entire universe and every single soul in it except for Osiris and create a new world.

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