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The History of Aswan

Aswan has always been a city of great importance, it is considered to be a central market although it’s the smallest of the three touristic cities on the Nile, it used to be Ancient Egyptian’s gateway to Africa and was in the ancient time a garrison town for the military campaigns against Nubia. Here is all the info about Aswan:

Where is Aswan Located?

Aswan Location - Trips In Egypt

It s a city in the south of Egypt that is located 680km south of Cairo just below Lake Nasser and Aswan High Dam, it has a population of 275000, it has a large population of Nubian people, the Nile is 650m above Aswan.

Facts About Aswan

Aswan Facts - Trips in Egypt

It is the ancient city of Swenett , a name that derived from an ancient goddess, who was identified later as Eileithyia by the Greeks. Swenett was the southernmost town in Egypt, it was also important as a military station as under every dynasty, it was a garrison town. its location was an object of great interest to the Ancient geographers.

It was so important as it controlled all communications of the Nile, the tombs in Aswan play also great importance as they represent the old and middle kingdoms that are opened for visitors today so that they have an insight into the greatness of the Ancient civilization. There were fields of Syenite granite, quarried for the wealth of shrines and monuments around the country, including many pyramids, which makes it a unique touristic place.

Aswan Climate

Aswan Climate - Trips In Egypt

Aswan has a hot desert climate just like other countries in Egypt. It has the driest and hottest climate compared with other cities. The average of its temperature is above 40c in summer. It is sunny most of the year and clears which makes it fascinating and unique in all seasons of the year. Here are the average temperatures of Aswan along the year:

Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
Avg. Temperature ( C) 16.9 18.5 22.1 27.5 31.9 33.4 34.4 34.2 32.3 28.7 23.4 18.6
Min. Temperature ( C) 9.9 10.8 14.4 19.1 23.7 25.3 26.7 26.6 24.6 21.4 16 11.8
Max. Temperature ( C) 23.9 26.2 29.9 35.9 40.1 41.6 42.2 41.9 40.1 36.1 30.9 25.4

Note: All the degrees are up for a slight chance due to sudden unexpected changes in the climate.

Best Attractions in Aswan

Aswan Attractions - Trips in Egypt

  • Philae Temple: was built by the Ancient Egyptians for the goddess Isis, the wife of Osiris and the mother of Horus, who are the three prominent ancients representing the Shakespearean drama. It started by Ptolemy II and completed by the Roman Emperors.
  • The Unfinished Obelisk: is the largest ancient obelisk that was built by Queen Hatshepsut as a complement to the Lateran Obelisk.
  • Aswan High Dam: which is an embankment dam that was built in Aswan between 1960 and 1970. It helped in the agricultural process and in providing many jobs for youth in Egypt. It provides water for about 33600km of irrigation land.
  • Abu Simbel Temple: is a unique place, located at the southwest of Aswan about 240 kilometers Abu Simbel is an ancient temple complex, Abu Simbel originally consist of two temples cut into a solid rock cliff one of them refer to King Ramses II and the other built for his wife Queen Nefertari.
  • Nubian Village: is a charming village which inhabited by Nubian indigenous. There is nothing more enjoyable than a visit to a Nubian Village in Aswan and see the Nubian culture up close and it truly lovely experience with unparalleled colorful painted houses and happy smiley people.
  • Edfu Temple: is a majestic Egyptian temple located on the west bank of the Nile in Aswan. It built between 237 and 57 BC and is considered one of the best-preserved ancient monuments in Egypt.
  • Kom Ombo Temple: is an exceptional temple in Aswan Governorate. It was constructed by the Ptolemaic since 180 BC to 47 BC. The temple of Kom Ombo dedicated to the Horus the falcon-headed deity and Sobek the crocodile deity.
  • Nubian Museum: is located in the southern part of Aswan. It contains remarkable Nubian treasures that have survived before the flooding of Nubia.
  • The Fatimid Cemetery: is located over a small hill and contains 80 tombs that date from the seventh to the 12th century A.D.
  • Ferial Garden: is located in the middle of the city. A very interesting place that has emphatic views along the River Nile from both directions.

That’s not all, there are also hidden attractions in Aswan, So Take your exploration tools and head to uncover the best-hidden attractions in Aswan.

Things to Do in Aswan

Activities to Do in Aswan - Trips in Egypt

  • Enjoy Egypt Nile cruise packages: allows you to have a closer look at discovering the fabulous beauty of Egypt while enjoying the beautiful weather.
  • Having a trip to Abu Simbel from Aswan: that permits you visiting the two masterpieces of the Ancients that were built during the reign of Ramses II. Everything about these two statues is gorgeous starting from the paintings, the hand-carved pillars, carvings, and many other things that make Abu Simbel one of its kind.
  • A tour to the Monastery of St.Simeon: that was dedicated to the Coptic saint Abba Hendra. It was constructed in the 7th century.
    -Having a camel ride; that lets you be in the Ancient sites to enjoy the beautiful Nubian surroundings of the desert.
  • A Nile Felucca to Kitchener s Island: is the home to the most spectacular gardens in the world. It s considered to be Aswan s second major island that was given as a gift to king Kitchener for his efforts in the Sudan Campaign.
  • Explore Edfu and Kom-Ombo temples from Aswan.

There are other gorgeous activities to do through our Aswan day tours. Also, you can visit Aswan with another best destination in Egypt through our Egypt vacation packages, check it and choose your dream vacation in the land of pharaohs.

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