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Best Time to Visit Egypt Along the Year

The best time to visit Egypt is one of the most common questions that many travelers prefer to ask before traveling to Egypt. You may wonder what are the festivals & celebrations that you can visit during each season and through our article, we’ll present all of the detailed information about that:

The Right Time to Visit Egypt

Season in Egypt - Best Time to Visit Egypt - www.tripsinegypt.co.uk
Hot Air Balloon in Luxor

In Egypt, from the middle of October till the middle of May is highly considered the best time to visit Egypt which is the period between winter & spring. Winter in Egypt is generally warm not so cold and that is why tourists love visiting Egypt during that time to be able to enjoy the most while touring the tiptop Egyptian destinations. During these two seasons, you ll be able to witness the high season in Egypt that includes the most favorable festivals which are Christmas & Easter periods.

Spring in Egypt

Spring, one of the best times to visit Egypt which lasts from March until April. The weather in spring is usually cool that allows you to visit the Egyptian gardens and tourist attractions and also to witness the different celebrations during that season including Mother s Day on March 21st, Sham El-Nasim in April, Sinai s Liberations Day on April 25th, and the Labor Day on May 1st.

Summer in Egypt

Summer in Egypt is closely associated with high temperature as the heat may reach 40 C, and sometimes it may reach 50 C. It is a hot period from July till the end of September.

Autumn in Egypt

It is the best time to visit Egypt as during that season and to be more specific from October through November, the temperature reaches 30 C and water becomes warm which makes it an amazing period to head to the coastal beaches of the Red Sea to enjoy the spectacular views in a very relaxed way.

Winter in Egypt

Winter also the top time to visit Egypt which during that season, weather temperature never goes below 20 C and it is sometimes windy but rather than this, everything becomes suitable to have a vacation of your dreams. Sharm El-Sheikh for many tourists is much better than Hurghada during winter. December is a truly peaked season in Egypt because of the Egypt Christmas and the New Year vacations.

A Boat to the Heavens with Nile Cruise in Egypt

Best Time for Nile Cruise - Best Time to Visit Egypt - www.tripsinegypt.co.uk
Nile Cruise

As a traveler touring the tourist sites in Egypt, you may want to know what the best time to board Egypt Nile cruises is and here is the answer: The period between October and April is considered the best time to travel to the most exquisite attractions in Luxor & Aswan. It is not recommended to travel from June through August because of high temperatures.

While boarding Nile cruises in Egypt, you ll be able to visit the most notable attractions of Luxor including the fabulous temple of Queen Hatshepsut, Valley of the Kings, Colossi of Memnon, Dandara & Abydos temples in addition to having the opportunity to head to the East bank of Luxor to see the incredible highlights there including Karnak temples with its majestic sound & light show besides witnessing the celebration that is held daily in Luxor temple by night.

In Aswan, you will visit the adorable highlights there including Aswan High Dam, the unfinished obelisk, Philae temple, Edfu & Kom Ombo temple, and the fanciful Abu Simbel temples that are visited by the majority of tourists to visit there the two marvelous temple built by Ramesses II.

Know About the Climate of Egypt & the Red Sea

Egypt s climate varies from cold to hot weather as you ll see along the northern coast of Egypt. The climate in Egypt from December through March is usually cool, humid, and windy with occasional rains. From June through September, you can witness summer which is mainly dry with hot temperatures. In order to spend the best trip in Egypt, you may want to travel in the seasons of April-May & October- November, which is considered the most convenient month to head to Egypt.

The average temperatures in the Red Sea Coast vary in a great way. In case of humidity, temperatures become hot for about half of the year and otherwise nice with a very low chance of rain throughout the year. The ideal weeks for their weather are from November 5th through April 15th. The hottest months are August, July, and then June. The early of August is usually the warmest time where highs are regularly around 102.5 F (39.2 C) with temperatures rarely dropping below 83.6 F (28.7 C) at night. So if you admire to spend a vacation on the Red Sea, then our Egypt Red Sea tours provide magical trips to the best resorts in Hurghada, Plus enjoy splendid trips to the highlight of Egypt, Check it now.

Holidays and Festivals in Egypt

Festivals & Public Holidays in Egypt
Public Holidays in Egypt

Most of the festivals & the holidays in Egypt are determined according to the Islamic & the Coptic calendar and here are some of these festivals:

Ramadan in Egypt 2019

During that month, Muslims follow the instruction of prophet Mohammed and they stay away from {Drinking, Eating, Having Sex, or even drinking cigarettes} during the daytime until sunset. Traveling to Egypt during Ramadan is such a unique experience that allows you to experience the majesty of the Islamic world. After the month of Ramadan, there is a unique celebration called:

Eid El-Fitr

Through that time, you ll have a greater chance to have a closer look into the Egyptians traditions & customs through celebrating with them. In the morning of Eid El-Fitr, Muslims in Egypt wear their new clothes and head to Masjeds for praying and then children come together playing & doing some cheerful activities, heading to gardens, so you ll be a very lucky person to witness such a unique Egyptian festival while your visit to Egypt.

Eid El-Adha

This is a truly special event in Egypt as every year; Muslims celebrate the sacrifice which Ibrahim did instead of killing his son Ismael. Egyptians start sacrificing sheep in the early morning of that day following the tradition of Ibrahim.

Coptic Holidays

Coptic Christmas & Easter are both national holidays. On January 7th, Egypt witnesses the Coptic Christmas which is mainly depicted in Christmas trees, Santa s clothes, Christmas Gifts, and a lot of other incredible things that can be held through Egypt Christmas holidays 2020. Coptic Easter in Egypt is another unforgettable occasion that allows you to witness the beauty of the natural views in Egypt while enjoying the best weather of the year. Egyptians usually head to gardens to celebrate Sham El-Naseem with their families and you can also enjoy all of those trips through our Egypt Easter tours.

That is not all is on February 22nd and October 22nd, you shouldn t miss the chance of witnessing one of the most impressive Pharaohnic miracles that occur twice inside Abu Simbel temples that are known as Abu Simbel Sun Festival. During that festival, the three statues inside the great temple of Ramesses II are lighted up in the early morning with the sun s rays in celebrating his coronation and his victory in the battle of Kadesh.

Use Your Time Wisely and Book Your Favorite Vacation

Egypt is one of the best tourist destinations in the world because of the glory of its unique landmarks with the lines of history depicted in every single inch of its lands. So, it’s time to define the true concept of uniqueness while enjoying on of our Egypt vacation packages to experience the majestic Pyramids, temples, tombs, Museums, bazaars, and all of what you may need to have the vacation of your dreams. Don’t miss the chance and book us now:

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