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How to Enjoy A Luxury Holiday in Egypt

Having a vacation in Egypt is something marvelous as you will enjoy the beauty of that ancient land and the stunning coastal resorts on the red sea alongside the monumental and historical sites and artifacts. You will also enjoy the desert natural golden sands and scuba diving. All that and more can be done from Egypt. But if you want to maximize your experience and have more joyful time then you need to book for a luxury holiday with deluxe services where you will have the finest accommodations and transportations as well as the relaxing Spa and massage. Here is some advice on how to enjoy a luxury holiday in Egypt:

1. First, You Need to Pick up Your Flight Class

Flight Class - How to Enjoy a Luxury Holiday in Egypt - Trips in Egypt

Flight companies offer a wide range of luxury classes so you need to check what meets your needs. You can choose from a lot of features like if you need to have direct aisle access with no seatmate and do you need Wifi and what about sleeping, do you want to have a convertible chair so you can have some rest and sleep. All these features are offered by a lot of airlines across the world so it is up to you what to choose.

2. Hire A Private Driver

Egypt Private Driver - How to Enjoy a Luxury Holiday in Egypt - Trips in Egypt

As soon as you arrive in Egypt it is advised to hire a private driver so you can move freely. Private vehicles offer an easier and comfortable way of transportation with a lot of privacy. In Egypt, you will have a variety of choices of luxury cars with affordable prices so hiring a private driver is an important thing to do in order to enjoy your visit with maximum comfort.

3. Stay in A Boutique Hotel Or in A 5* Hotel

Egypt Hotels - How to Enjoy a Luxury Holiday in Egypt - Trips in Egypt

While traveling in general, the most important thing is to pick up carefully where you will stay. In a matter of fact, this can be the success factor of your trip or can be your nightmare. Egypt is no different, you should choose the place you will stay in and check its features and accommodation. In Egypt, you will find a lot of luxury hotels and resorts that offer comfortable accommodations and elegant services as well as world-class facilities and nice hospitality. Also, Egypt offers a lot of boutique hotels where you will experience a whole new style of accommodation and comfort. So treat yourself well and choose your Luxury staying place in Egypt.

4. Let Professionals Do All of the Planning Jobs For You

Tour Operator Egypt - How to Enjoy a Luxury Holiday in Egypt - Trips in Egypt

If you don t have the skill to search or choose the right package for you. Or you simply don t have the time to plan your visit to Egypt, then let the professionals do it for you. In Egypt, you can find a lot of high-quality travel agencies that offer a lot of marvelous packages and great services. All you need to do is to contact one of them and tell them what you want and they will make it happen for you. But be careful to revise the agency feedback and reviews in order not to waste your money.

5. Hire An Expert Egyptologist Tour Guide

Egyptologist Tour Guide - How to Enjoy a Luxury Holiday in Egypt - Trips in Egypt

The stranger is a stranger no matter what. So you may consider hiring a private Egyptologist tour guide to assist you and suggest the best places to visit alongside he will help you communicate with locals. Although you can search and ask about where to go and what is the best thing to do there, you still will miss the details and the secrets of a place because of your lack of experience and skill. So we strongly advise you to have your private guide while visiting Egypt as he will be a great assist.

6. Plan Amazing Activities to Enjoy in Egypt

Giza Pyramids - How to Enjoy a Luxury Holiday in Egypt - Trips in Egypt

1. Enjoy Luxury Discover in the Pyramids and Cairo Attractions

Cairo is the capital of Egypt for many centuries. It has many monumental and historical sites and places where you will witness the greatness of its culture. The most amazing place that you must see is the pyramids complex where you will see the great pyramids, sphinx, Valley temple, and the unique step pyramid. It is the most visited monument in Egypt. Also, you can visit the Egyptian museum, the hanging church, Salah El-Din Citadel, and the ancient mosque of Muhammad Ali. Cairo s attractions represent a lot of eras so it is a must-see place.

2. Visit Luxor Landmarks

An ancient Nile city located south to Cairo and North to Aswan, Luxor is considered an open museum because of its large number of monuments and temples that are located on both sides of the Nile. On the east bank of the city, you can visit the great Karnak temple complex, Luxor temple, and enjoy a private carriage tour exploring the city. On the other bank, you can see the Valley of the Kings & Queens and the great colossi of Memnon alongside the one of its kind Hatshepsut temple. Also, you can do some activities like having a nice hot air balloon trip enjoying the city from above in an outstanding view.

3. Enjoy Abu Simbel and Aswan Monuments

Located south to Luxor just north to the Sudanese border, Aswan is an ancient city that was once the capital of the great pharaonic empire. It has a lot of monuments and old ruins. While visiting the city you can see the temple of Philae which is situated on an island in the middle of the Nile. The temple has great carvings that decorates the entrance as well as the wonderful statues. Also, you can visit the High Dam of Aswan at the south where you will witness one of the greatest modern Egypt projects. The Dam was made with the help of Russia to have better control over the floods and to produce hydroelectricity. At the old quarries, you can see the unfinished Obelisk that was made by queen Hatshepsut to be the biggest obelisk ever made, but unfortunately, the project was abandoned due to a crack in the obelisk s body. Aswan is also the portal to the unique site of Abu Simbel temple which was constructed at the reign of pharaoh Ramses II. You can reach the site by a private plane. Aswan is the city that will make you feel the present combined with the past.

4. Book Luxury Nile Cruise or Private Dahabiya Nile Cruise

Another unique way to explore the secrets of Upper Egypt is while on board of a luxury Nile cruise where you will sail from Luxor to Aswan passing by Kom Ombo and Edfu. You will be amazed by the beauty of the Nile and the monuments that spread across its banks. If you are looking for a very private and special sail, then you can book the unique Dahabiya Nile cruises as you will feel relaxed and elegant with all the world-class services and marvelous facilities that the ship offers. It is your call to choose how to discover the beautiful southern part of Egypt.

5. Have a Luxury Dinner Cruise in Cairo Nile View

Having an excellent dinner is not only about a delicious and tasty meal it is about the place where you will enjoy that meal. At Cairo, you can enjoy a luxury meal while on a marvelous Nile Cruise. You will have an elegant experience enjoying the tasty dishes with a maximum level of hospitality and proficiency while enjoying the outstanding view of the Nile and the Great city of Cairo. Also, you will attend a primum belly dance show as well as astonishing Tannura.

6. Shopping in Egypt Luxury Centers

Shopping in Egypt is a marvelous thing to do as you will have the chance to choose between a lot of shops and bazaars. Egyptian shops offer a wide range of goods including spices, foods, cotton clothes, antiques, jewelers, and magnificent artifacts. The best shopping experience can be done from Khan El Khalili in the Islamic district of Cairo where you will enjoy shopping while having a nice walk into the unique Islamic style streets with its astonishing decorations of the bazaar. It is always a good thing to argue about the prices and never to buy anything that you feel is way too expensive.

7. Snorkeling in the Red Sea

At the Red Sea coastal cities and resorts of Egypt, you can enjoy the crystal clear water from the white sand beaches. Egypt has a number of red sea breathtaking beaches with a lot of first-class luxury accommodations, just for your relaxation and comfort. While at these heavenly places you can enjoy water sports as well as Snorkeling where you will be stunned by the beauty of the Red Sea and its epic fish species. Also, you will see the marvelous coral reef with all its enchanting colors. This is a great experience that can t be missed.

8. Private Super Safari in the Desert of the Red Sea

Another activity that you can make while at a coastal resort is to book a private Safari tour in exploring the eastern desert of Egypt. First, you will choose between a quad bike or 4*4 land cruiser or if you are adventurous enough you can choose a camel ride. Then you will begin your exploring tour in the depth of the endless desert where you will see the sands spread along with sight from all directions and you will enjoy the ride through the rocky hills and on the soft sands. At night you will be amazed by the shining moon and the glaring stars decorating the sky in an unforgettable view. Also, you will enjoy a Bedouin night with a delicious barbecue.

Explore Best of Egypt by A Luxury Way

Book your next Egypt luxury tours with us to get the ultimate experience that you deserve. We can make all your wishes come true. So don t wait and contact us to arrange the perfect itinerary that meets your needs and check the below luxury tours to Egypt.

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