8 Days Egypt Tour Cairo and Nile Cruise Package

8 Days Egypt Tour Cairo and Nile Cruise Package

8 Days Cairo and Nile cruise package will be a magical and entertaining travel adventure showcasing the golden gems of this heavenly city of Cairo, Luxor, and Aswan. Trips in Egypt will make sure all our clients are relaxed by enjoying excellent services, quick transportation, beautiful accommodations, and skilled tour guides that have reasonable prices. Trips in Egypt team have crafted this magnificent itinerary to provide the incredible opportunity to enjoy a complete travel experience across Cairo and the Nile River.

The moments lived exploring all the golden treasures of Cairo and the Nile River will be truly magical where everyone will enjoy a fantastic experience covering the most famous tourist attractions in the land of pharaohs for 8 days Cairo and Nile cruise holiday visiting the heavenly milestones of CairoLuxor & Aswan such as the Pyramids of Giza, the Egyptian Museum, Karnak temple, Queen Hatshepsut temple, Valley of the Kings, and more joined by a private Egyptologist tour guide. Witness your dream come true and live the vacation of a lifetime.

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Tour Highlights

Tour Details

Availability Everyday
Pickup & Drop Off Cairo Airport
Tour Duration 8 Days / 7 Nights
Tour Type Historical Tour

Inclusions & Exclusions

  • Assistance Of Our Personnel During Your Stay And Excursions.
  • All Transfers By Modern Air-Conditioned Deluxe Vehicle.
  • 3 Nights Hotel Accommodation In Cairo On Bed And Breakfast.
  • 3 Nights Nile Cruise Accommodation On Full Board Basis.
  • 1 Night Accommodation At 5* Hotel In Luxor.
  • Flight Tickets { Cairo / Aswan- Luxor / Cairo }.
  • All Your Tours And Excursions Are With A/C Car.
  • The Service Of Meet And Assist At All Your Destinations.
  • Multilingual Expert Egyptologist Guide.
  • All Your Visits Include Entrance Fees.
  • All Taxes And Services.
  • International Airfare.
  • Egypt Entry Visa.
  • Any Extras Not Mentioned In The Itinerary.
  • Tipping.

Tour Itinerary

Day 1

Welcome to Egypt "Land Of Pharaohs"

Welcome to Egypt – Trips in Egypt

Welcome to Egypt, upon arrival at Cairo airport, our company representative will meet you at the exit gate of the airport. Then you will be escorted to your 5* hotel by a private vehicle to check in.

Dinner Meal

Evening time, enjoy a dinner cruise joined by your Egyptologist tour guide. End the first day of your Cairo and Nile cruise package.


Return back to your hotel, and overnight.

Meals: Dinner

Overnight: Cairo Hotel

Day 2

Tour to Cairo Attractions - Return Back to the Hotel

Cairo Tour – Trips in Egypt

After having breakfast at your hotel, your tour guide will accompany you to start your 8 days Cairo & Nile cruise package at Giza to visit:

The Great Pyramids

The great pyramids are considered one of the most important historical monuments that you must visit in Cairo which exhibit the rich history and beliefs of the ancient Egyptians for more than 4500 years. Then head to:

The Great Pyramid of Giza 

The cosmic Giza Pyramid of Khufu is a divine gem created to reach the horizon and carry the soul of Pharaoh Khufu (2609 BC - 2584 BC) to the heavens. The pyramid is known to be 138.5 meters (454.4 ft) tall and weighed 6 million tons when it was completed in 2570 BC to be a final resting place. Within the only living member of the seven wonders of the ancient world is a highly complex design as seen across the king's chamber.

The Great Sphinx

The Sphinx is a statue of а lion's body and а human head who is Pharaoh Khafre (2558–2532 BC). It's considered one of the world's largest and oldest statues, It is believed that Napoleon's army broke the nose of the Sphinx by shooting it. Between its paws, Thutmose IV added his legendary dream steel in 1401 BC. continue with a visit to:

The Valley Temple

The Valley Temple was built using a large limestone block, granite, marble, and other fine stones when you visit this place you will see the Genuity of the architecture and the beauty of its design. The house of the Opening of the mouth ceremony is an epic wonder narrating the beliefs of the ancient Egyptians.


The Grand Egyptian Museum

The Grand Egyptian Museum is a newborn institution made of magic and glory that offers a golden gate showcasing the 5000-year-old legacy of the greatest civilization on earth. Within this living miracle are thousands of beautiful wonders exciting epis history and rich culture which include:  

The Hanging Obelisk, The 10 Statues of King Senusert, King Ramses Il Statue, the Statues of Ptolemaic Kings and Queens, The Grand Staircase, The epic Royal Regalia,  The Victory Column of King Mercnptah, and the Grand Atrium & Gift show. 

The museum offers a VIP ticket which provides access to some very Unique wonders, for more info contact us at any time.


Lunch Meal

Afterward, enjoy your lunch at an oriental food restaurant, then transfer to explore:

Saqqara Step Pyramid of Djoser

Saqqara Pyramid was constructed during the 27th century BC between 2670–2650 BC for the burial of Pharaoh Djoser. This pyramid is in the center of the complex surrounded by a limestone wall that contains 13 fake doorways and a rear entrance on the southeast side. Then move to visit:

Memphis City

Memphis City was founded by "King Menes" in the 31st century BC, it was a worship center for "Ptah" the god of craftsmanship, and a center for commerce and trade. Many ancient Egyptian temples were built in the city but most of them are ruined through time.

Finally, transfer back to your hotel in Cairo, and overnight.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

Overnight: Cairo Hotel

Day 3

Visiting Old Cairo - Fly to Aswan & Check in the Cruise

Cairo Tour – Trips in Egypt

Morning time, enjoy the breakfast then accompany your Egyptologist tour guide to explore Cairo attractions starting with:

The Egyptian Museum

It is not strange that Cairo is a city of magic and beauty, as it holds the majestic Egyptian Museum, one of the first museums in the world that exhibits the legacy of one of the oldest civilizations in history.

Lunch Meal

After that, you will have your lunch Then, move on to visit:

Salah el-Din Citadel

Salah El-Din Citadel was established by the ruler Salah al-Din between 1176 and 1183 CE. It was created on the highest point in the city of Cairo as a defensive shield against any attack. There is also a number of museums and mosques, then your tour guide will take you to visit:

Mohamad Ali Pasha Mosque

Mohamed Ali Mosque was constructed in the first half of the 19th century between 1830 and 1848 AD. It's the most famous Islamic mosque among tourists, the architect Yousuf Bushnaq designed Mohamed Ali mosque, to be a place of worship and also a burial site for Mohamed Ali the Great.

The National Egyptian Museum

The National Museum of Egyptian Civilization (NMEC) is a heavenly creation of pure wonder and wealth which was created in 2020 to protect and display all the archaeological treasures of ancient Egypt which were created across the span of 5000 years to explore the rich civilization of this holy land. 

Then end the third day of your Cairo and Nile cruise package by visiting:

Al Muizz Street

Al Muizz street was made as the lifestream of the Fatamide dynasty of the golden capital of Cairo in 970 AD filled with the most dazzling collection of decorated houses, workplaces, shops, cafes, and more. Thus creating & an incredible social maze of magnificent artifacts and monuments dating more than a thousand years.

Khan EL Khalili Bazaar

The miraculous Khan El-Khalili bazaar in the center of old Cairo will provide the sensation of traveling back in time, as everyone will see the history of ancient architecture in the Mamluk era dating between 1382 AD and 1389 AD, which appears clearly in Mosques, factories, houses, and markets which is characterized by its beautiful designs and architecture.

We will transfer you to Cairo airport to catch your flight to Aswan & check in 5* Nile cruise and overnight on board.

Note: The dinner meals will be onboard your cruise.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Flight: From Cairo to Aswan

Overnight: Onboard the Cruise

Day 4

Visit Aswan Attractions

Aswan Tour – Trips in Egypt

Morning time, Start a new stage of your Cairo and Nile cruise holiday. Enjoy the breakfast at the cruise, then continue your 8 days on Egypt tour by joining our Egyptologist tour guide who will pick you up from your cruise to escort you to visit:

Philae Temple

The construction of the Philae Temple to place between 380-362 BC  to honor the legacy of the greatest religious figure in Egyptian mythology Isis the goddess of motherhood. Everyone will explore the mixture of magic, beauty, and amazing history found in Philae Temple, there is No place in the world that combines such a wonderful combination. The next visit will be at:

The Unfinished Obelisk:

Queen Hatshepsut (1508-1458 BC) demanded the creation of "The Unfinished Obelisk" to stand as the holy Karnak temple at its entrance to shed light on her great achievements but it was unfortunately cracked. This incomplete wonder is highly significant and is able to shed light on the carving process and even the tools used by the ancient Egyptian builder.

The High Dam of Aswan

Aswan High Dam was constructed between 1960 and 1970, some of the benefits that were achieved by constructing the High Dam; are generating electricity, which achieved self-sufficiency and the elimination of any potential energy crises, and major protection against floods and drought.

At the end of the day, transfer to your cruise to have your lunch and overnight on board.

Note: The lunch and dinner meals will be onboard your cruise.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Overnight: Onboard the Cruise

Day 5

Tour to Edfu & Kom Ombo Temples

Aswan Tour – Trips in Egypt

Have your breakfast onboard the cruise, then escort your Egyptologist tour guide to continue your Cairo and Nile cruise package by enjoying a tour to:

Kom Ombo Temple

Kom Ombo Temple is a double wonder that comes in the shape of a living miracle just 45 km north of Aswan and 137 km south of Luxor. Showcasing incredible facts about the Greco-roman period between 180 BC and 47 BC  where Sobek the crocodile god source of the Nile and Haroeris were worshipped.

Have your meal on board the cruise, then continue sailing to Edfu and visit:

Edfu Temple

Edfu Temple was built in the Ptolemaic period between 237 BC and 57 BC  to commemorate the epic battle that took place between Set and Hours the sky falcon god. It's located in Aswan in the city of Edfu which is one of the most important and rich cities since the ancient state, the importance of Edfu is because it contains the house of God Hours in the South.

Continue sailing to Luxor, and arrive in Luxor late at night.

Note: The lunch and dinner meals will be onboard your cruise.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Overnight: Onboard the Cruise

Day 6

Tour to Luxor East Bank

Luxor Tour – Trips in Egypt

Check out from the cruise after having your breakfast then you will be accompanied by your Egyptologist tour guide to visit Luxor East bank attractions including:

Karnak Temple

The temples of the Karnak are a magnificent divine structure that served as the religious capital of Thebes since its creation between 1971 and 30 BC where a number of gods and goddesses were worshiped. Everyone will enjoy the most incredible sight of the finest archaeological wonders ever made such as the hypostyle hall, avenue of Sphinxes, and more.

Lunch Meal

Your tour guide will accompany you to have lunch that will be served at a local restaurant, then check in at a 5* hotel at Luxor to refresh yourself and evening time move to visit:

Luxor Temple

The Temple of Luxor is a royal palace made for the service of kings which was completed in 1400 BC to honor the immortal souls of the Pharaohs through the rejuvenation of kingship, the crowning of many ancient Egyptian kings, and holding the Opet festival by carrying statues of the kings and Amun between the two temples across the avenue of sphinxes.


Afterward, transfer to your hotel in Luxor for the overnight.

Note: The breakfast meal will be onboard your cruise.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

Overnight: Luxor Hotel

Day 7

Tour to Luxor West Bank - Fly Back to Cairo

Luxor Tour – Trips in Egypt

After enjoying your breakfast at the hotel, check out, then you will be escorted by your tour guide to visit the west bank of Luxor that contains:

Valley of The Kings

Royal tombs in the Valley of the Kings are cemeteries that were made in the New Kingdom of Egypt (1570 – 1050 BC) to house the tombs of 63 royal figure, their walls show the greatness of the pharaohs which usually consists of corridors, vestibules, and rooms carved into the rock of the mountain, the walls of the cemetery were full of scenery, paintings, and various religious texts.

Lunch Meal

Move to have your lunch, then escort your tour guide to visit the unique:

Temple of Queen Hatshepsut

Hatshepsut temple of queen Hatshepsut (1508-1458 BC) is located at the foot of a high rocky slope near the West Bank of the Nile. It is dedicated to the worship of the god Amun Ra, the creator sun god. You can see the majestic towers, squares, and beautiful halls Inside the temple, you can also see the sun hall, the small temple, and the altar.

End the last place you will visit through 8 days Egypt tour Cairo and Nile cruise holiday by visiting:

Colossi Of Memnon

The two gorgeous majestic statues in the historic city of Luxor hold so many incredible stories and facts that stood the test of time and attracted travelers from all over the world. The Colossi of Memnon were carved in 1350 BC to be two huge stone structures, it's a height of more than 60 feet into the sky, depicting the pharaoh Amenhotep III.


At last, we will transfer you to the airport to catch the flight back to Cairo and transfer to the 5* hotel to check in and overnight.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

Flight: From Luxor to Cairo

Overnight: Cairo Hotel

Day 8

End of your 8 Days Cairo and Nile Cruise Package

End the Tour – Trips in Egypt

Have your breakfast at your hotel, then transfer you to Cairo airport and one our of representatives will assist you at the airport to finish your formal papers and get back to your home with unforgettable memories of 8 days Cairo and Nile cruise package.

Meals: Breakfast

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